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3 ADMISSIONS CRITERIA Bachelor of Primary Education A minimum of five BGCSEs or equivalent passes with C grades and above in all subjects, including: English Language and Mathematics. Persons who do not possess Combined Science BGCSE with a C grade or higer will be required to pass a college preparatory general science course prescribed by the School of Education, with a minimum C grade. Bachelor of Secondary Education A minimum of five BGCSEs or equivalent passes with C grades and above in all subjects, including: English Language and Mathematics. BGCSE or eqivalent passes with C grades or higher in the following content majors: English Language, English Literature, History/Geography, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Food and Nutrition/Clothing Construction and Craft. Persons majoring in Mathematics must have a minimum of a B grade in BGCSE examination or equivalent in the content area. Persons majoring in Music must have a minimum of a B grade in BGCSE examination or equivalent in the content area. In addition applicants must be auditioned by Music Department faculty prior to acceptance. Special consideration may be given to students applying to secondary content areas for which the high school they attended did not offer the subject at BGCSE level. For more information contact: Office of Admissions First Floor, Portia Smith Building Telephone: (242)

4 OVERVIEW The privilege of the educator is being afforded the opportunity to shape the minds of students. To help them discover and develop a true appreciation for learning, while also discovering and developing the great talents within them. Whether a teacher of mathematics, history or art; to their students, educators are not only stores of knowledge, but are sources of inspiration, guardians of student aspirations and models of leadership. They play a very important role in the lives of their students and in the communities they serve, because it is in the classroom that lives and communities are built. Students meeting the requirements for entry into education degree programmes are eligible for Bahamas Government sponsored grants. These grants cover tuition expenses and a monthly stipend for books and other college expenses. Upon graduation, grant recipients are bonded to public service employment for a specified period.

5 FACULTY ANTONIO, Kathiann, Assistant Professor BANDELIER, Nerissa, Assistant Professor BLACKWELL, Margo, Associate Professor BUTLER, Faith, Associate Professor CHASE, Renee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor COOPER, Bridgette, Assistant Professor EDGECOMBE, Raquel, Assistant Professor ELLIOTT, Marcella, Ph.D., Associate Professor FARQUHARSON, Beulah, Ed.D., Associate Professor GOMEZ, Gloria, Assistant Professor ISAACS-DOTSON, Jennifer, Assistant Professor JONES-SWANN, Natasha Assistant Professor McWILLIAM, Peter, Assistant Professor MICKLEWHITE, Thalia, Assistant Professor MUNNINGS, Janice, Assistant Professor NEELY, Andre, Ph.D., Assistant Professor RILEY, Wendy, Assistant Professor ROLLE, Warren, Canon, Assistant Professor SUMNER, Ruth, Ph.D., Associate Professor WRIGHT, Deborah, Assistant Professor CONTACT INFO The School of Education Michael H. Eldon Complex Telephone: (242) Fax:

6 OUR PROGRAMMES The School of Education (SEDUC) has a diverse programme offering that allows students to study for Bachelor of Education (BEd) degrees, certificates and diplomas. Programmes include: BACHELOR OF EDUCATION (BEd) Secondary Certification K-12 Certification Secondary Advanced Placement Primary Certification Physical Education Primary Advanced Placement DIPLOMA IN EDUCATION CERTIFICATE IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION PRE-SCHOOL TEACHER S AUXILIARY CERTIFICATE ADULT & WORKFORCE EDUCATION AND TRAINING CERTIFICATE BACHELOR DEGREES Bachelor of Education: K-12 Certification This programme allows you to specialise in Physical Education. Bachelor of Education: Primary Certification This programme has three options including two fields of specialisation: Option A: General Option B: Early Childhood Option C: Special Education

7 ALUMNI REFLECTIONS The College of The Bahamas without a doubt played the most integral part in shaping who I am today as an educator. By the end of the programme one left with a sound commitment to education and to the development of young minds. The training and insistence of professionalism certainly helped me develop a strong work ethic. Tanya Bowe, Principal, Bishop Michael Eldon AA 1989 As a graduate of COB I ve had the opportunity to reflect on the time I spent there. I appreciate COB for enhancing my work ethic, time management skills and thirst for knowledge. I ve always believed in the importance of educators and the School of Education sustained my belief. Educators know how educators learn, thus we were exposed to hands on techniques and experience in the schools throughout our entire undergraduate career to ensure that we were prepared. I can say in all honesty that I love my alma mater! Shannon Evans, Graduate Student, Hampton University B.Ed 2010

8 Bachelor of Education: Primary Advanced Placement This is an 18-month programme designed for students who have earned any of the following designations: Primary Teacher s Certificate Teacher s Certificate in either Primary or Early Childhood Education Associate of Arts: Teacher s Certificate (AATC) Bachelor of Education: Secondary Certification This programme allows specialisation in specific secondary school subject areas, including: Administrative Office Management Biology Business Studies Computer Studies Option A: Application Programming Option B: Network Systems Chemistry English Language/Literature Family & Consumer Sciences Option A: Food & Nutrition Option B: Family Living & Relationships Option C: Clothing History/Geography Mathematics Physics Religion Bachelor of Education: Secondary Advanced Placement This is an 18-month programme designed for students meeting either of the following criteria: Junior Secondary Teacher s Certificate Associate of Arts: Teacher s Certificate (AATC) WHY CHOOSE THE COLLEGE OF THE BAHAMAS At The College of The Bahamas, we are committed to academic freedom, academic integrity and high standards of ethics, research and teaching. We are committed to the education of the whole person, and have cultivated a vibrant campus life environment that promotes learning, leadership and service; and which allows us to encourage the values of innovation and creativity. Our programmes are responsive to national needs and in many ways, reflect our national culture and identity. College of The Bahamas students have the option of choosing not only from the broad range of academic courses and programmes that we offer, but also from a number of clubs, organizations and activities that allow them to enhance their College experience in a variety of ways. There is something that appeals to everyone, from clubs and groups that focus on academic and professional disciplines, to athletics, arts and culture, community service, spiritual enrichment, and leadership. There are also opportunities to study abroad and still gain credits at home. We have an exciting student exchange and study abroad programme. College of The Bahamas students have studied at institutions in both English and non-english speaking countries as far away as Europe and closer to home in our Latin-American and Caribbean region, the United States and Canada. The programme is expanding to new places with new opportunities every day. Many great things await you at The College of The Bahamas. To find out more, visit us online at www., stop by our Admissions Office at our Oakes Field campus, or telephone us at (242)


10 Bachelor of Education: Physical Education This programme allows for study in a variety of courses including: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Officiating, Foundations and Fundamentals of Education, Educational Psychology, Physical Education in Secondary Schools, Educational Research Methods, and more. Bachelor of Education: Early Childhood K3 - Grade 3 This programme allows for study in a variety of courses including: Creating and Managing Learning Environments for Young Children, Literature for Children, Reading and Writing K3 - Grade 3, Child Development and Learning, Speech and Drama for Teachers, and more. DIPLOMA Diploma in Education The Diploma in Education is designed for students who already possess a bachelor s degree in a teaching content area. GENERAL EDUCATION PROGRAMME All degree programmes have a general education component comprising nine areas: literacy, numeracy, foreign language, humanities, social science, natural science, health and nutrition, computer literacy and student development. While courses in your major would provide you with disciplinary, technical and procedural knowledge, the General Education Programme is designed to graduate students who demonstrate critical, reflective and creative thought and who are able to convey those thoughts articulately and confidently in written and oral form. CERTIFICATES Certificate in Physical Education This is a 1-year programme. Students completing it with at least a 2.00 GPA are eligible for entry in the BEd: Physical Education K-12 degree programme. Pre-School Teacher s Auxiliary Certificate This programme is designed for practitioners already working in related child care and nursery facilities. Students successfully completing the programme may apply for entry in the BEd: Primary Certification Programme.

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