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Philately, the study of stamps, differs from stamp collecting, although both hobbies appear synonymous with each other. Not every philatelist collects stamps, however, and many collectors hoard rare stamps without getting involved with the tiny details behind each commemorative adhesive postmark. Building a comprehensive stamp collection may require a basic education in philatelic literature to assess the worth in its current form.

Stamp collectors will accumulate postage stamps for their historical value and unique, geographical aspects. Some collectors will acquire an interest in many different subjects depicting various events, ships, animals, and authority figures, such as Kings, Queens, Presidents and Dictators. Some countries…show more content…

The Smithsonian Institute: Philatelic Hobby: A brief overview of philately as a hobby. This three-part series includes sub-categories, such as famous American collectors, popular tools used by philatelists, and various collections featured by the Smithsonian Institute.
Columbia College of Chicago: Philately: This comprehensive resource details every aspect of philately, including its definition, related clubs and associations, postal agencies, auction websites, stamp dealers, literature, libraries, stamp shows, activities and events.
UNC Charlotte: My Philatelic Collection: A private philatelic collection from Arindam Mukherjee, a student enrolled into the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. This philatelic collection features stamps from British India, Princely States, India, French India, and Portuguese India.
New York University: Philatelist: A creative writing essay that portrays the life of an esteemed philatelist.
University of Denver Magazine: Stamp Addict Turns Hobby into a Philatelic Library: A story about a second generation stamp collector who turned his stamp collecting passion into a philatelic library.
University of Richmond: Teaching with Stamps: A tutorial for novice stamp collectors that wish to building their small collections into an impressive philatelic library. This includes a FAQ section that addresses specific concerns, such as start-up methods and the various stamp classifications related to

Philately is the pastime of collecting postage stamps. It is a hobby that originated within a few years of the first issue of penny postage in England in 1810. When and how the hobby started is not exactly known. The French were the earliest to make systematic collections. They noted the different shades and designs, different schemes of water-colour, different border-marks of stamps.

Stamps are printed not only for daily use, but also for commemo­rative purpose. We have had stamps commemorating our Independ­ence, the Buddha Jayanti, the University's Centenary, and our eminent leaders like Gandhiji, Nehru, Netaji, and Dr. Ambedkar. Hence, stamps have an historical importance and remind us of past glories. Stamps also carry geographical information. A Tasmani in stamp will tell us of waterfalls and lakes in that island (Australia). We can know from postage stamps something of the flora and the fauna of a country, its art and architecture, its great men and great achievements. Stamps have been truly described as ‘medals stamped on paper'.

Philately was recommended as a hobby worth cultivating by no less a person than Thomas Huxley, the Scientist. As a hobby, it is of absorbing interest. The stamp-collector has friends all over the world with whom to consult and exchange interest and information. It helps a man to get a pleasant relief from the tiresome pre­occupations of life.

We live in a utilitarian age. The profit-motive is paramount with us. Philately is also a profitable business. Valuable collections fetch fabulous sums. There is a regular market for the buying and selling of old stamps. To secure good specimens, to build up a neat and presentable album is the joy which a stamp-collector can have enough.

A good collector then can go to the market and sell his collection at considerable profit. Pleasure is thus coined into profit. It is the same with the collection of old coins. That surely is an ample source of satisfaction.


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