Cookbook Assignment

Write a 5 page paper in which you analyze your cookbook as a work of literature, focusing on the ways the author conveys cultural ideas around food preparation at that time and place.

These questions, as appropriate for your book, will help you find evidence for your analysis:

-why did the author write this book? Is there a discrepancy between what she claims in the introduction or preface and what the book seems to do?

-how did she imagine her audience?

-are there any physical alterations to the book that indicate anything about how the book was actually used?

-does the book have an autobiographical component?

-if there are pictures in the book, what do they add to the book’s message?

-does the cookbook include any health advice?

-what values does the author convey?

-do you see any allusions to discussions of nutrition and efficiency in the domestic science or home economics movements as discussed in lecture?

-are there any discussion of food safety and the role of the cook?

-does food take on any  metaphorical qualities?

-does the author convey any views about femininity or women’s roles?

-if the book is talking about a cuisine associated with an ethnic group, what does it convey about the value and strategies for assimilation or maintaining authenticity?

-is there any aspect of the book that you have trouble understanding across the distance of time and place?

-what questions does the book leave you with?

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Foods for Life Course Overview

In this class, we will start from scratch (both literally and figuratively) in learning the basics of the kitchen, including meal planning and nutrition.  Cooking at least once a week, students learn the fundamentals of the kitchen, while making informed decisions about what they eat.
Class Presentations/Assignments/Review Tools:
Unit 1: Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
Welcome to Foods!
Kitchen Safety
Kitchen Sanitation
Combining Safety & Sanitation
Communication & Review
  ** Blank Bingo card for review

Foods for Life Syllabus 
Student Information Online Form
Kitchen Safety Worksheet
​Serious About Sanitation 
Lab Safety and Sanitation Contract
Food Equipment Scavenger Hunt
Kitchen Materials List & Locations

Exam Review Guide
Kitchen Sanitation and Safety Terms- Be able to apply these terms/equipment to the concepts learned in class.  You must earn 80% or higher on the exam to continue cooking in class.

Unit 2: Kitchen Fundamentals
Components of a Complete Recipe
Lack of Measuring Lab (Crunchy Munchy Peanut Butter Bars)
Kitchen Measurements and Adjusting Recipes
Knife Skills Lab
Home Cookin' (Functions of Ingredients and Convenience Foods)
Recipe Template Slides
  ** Recipe Template Example

Recipe Analyzer
Food Preparation Terminology Practice (Quizlet/Recipe Search)
Common Abbreviations and Kitchen Measurements
Adjusting Recipes Worksheet
Recipe Planning Assignment (Recipe Template/Grocery Order)
Microwave Cooking
Construction of Baked Products
Functions of Ingredients Worksheet
Bisquick Search (Group Assignment)
Checklist of Assignments and Deadlines on Bisquick Planning Day

Recipes/Lab Guidelines
Crunchy Munchy Peanut Butter Goodness (Lack of Measuring Lab)
​Butterscotch Gingerbread Cookies (Measuring Lab)
Hash Browns (Knife Skills Lab)
Microwave Apple Crisp
Bisquick Cook-Off

Exam Review Guide
Kitchen Basics (Unit 2)

Unit 3: Fruits/Vegetables/Grains
Choosing & Storing Fruits and Vegetables
CookSmarts Fruit and Vegetable Prep On-Line Guide
  ** Vegetable Cooking Methods Guide (PDF)
Cooking with Osmosis/Tips for Fruits & Vegetables 
Cooking Fruits & Vegetables
 ** Iron Chef America: Battle Spinach
Parts of the Whole Grain
Preparing Grains (Pasta/Rice)

Choosing and Preparing Fruits and Vegetables Packet
Vegetarian Menu Planning
Challenges of Going Vegan
   ***Vegetarian Article
Choosing Grains Packet
   *** Part of the Grain   
   *** Choosing Grains Textbook Reading ** Only available to PCSD students

Apple Lab- Poaching vs Sauce
Pasta Perfection- Al Dente Practice 
Vegetarian Pasta Cook-Off

Exam Review Guide
On-line Jeopardy Review Game

Unit 4: Protein (Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Eggs, Dairy)
  ** Notetaker 
  ** Textbook Reading **
Meat & Poultry Selection & Storage 
Preparing Poultry
Egg Cookery
(Meat and Poultry Overview)

Eat Wisconsin Cheese (Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board website)
Dairy in the News (if not part of Dairy Notetaker)
Meat Selection and Storage Worksheet
  ** Textbook Reading ** Only available to PCSD students
Protein Cooking Techniques

Roux Demonstration- Wisconsin Macaroni & Cheese
Baked Chicken Nuggets (Lab plan version)
  ** Tips for Lab

Exam Review Guide
Protein Foods Review Topics

Unit 5: Nutrition
Nutrients Needed by the Body
   ** Notetaker
Reading Food Labels
  ** Nutrition Facts Required as of 2018
Super Size Me Discussion


American Dietetic Association Article Summary
Pizza Analysis:
     ** Chart and Labels
     ** Bar Graph
     ** Bar Graph Example

Cutting Reduction by Companies article (Food Processing)
Effects of Fast Food on the Body Infographic (
Jamie Oliver TED Talk on Obesity & Food LINK
Super Size Me Video Questions
What Can We Do? (Group Reflection)
Fast Food Truths   
  Extra Credit: What's in my Food? (Chicken Nugget Ingredients)- 10 pt EC

Lab Guidelines
Homemade Pizza Recipe

Exam Review Topics:
Nutrients (Types, functions for the body)
Reading Food Labels (Be prepared to read actual labels and use RDA)
Reducing Fat in Recipes (substitutions for egg whites or flax seed for whole eggs, etc)
Reflection on nutrition of fast food
Review Guide Questions

Unit 6: Dietary Choices & Influences
  ** WebMD Portion Size Guide
Eating Disorders

Quick Breads- Reducing Fat in Baked Goods

Additional Resources on Eating Disorders:
Anonymous Eating Disorders Online Screening
Recognizing and Dealing with Eating Disorders Guide and Resources
Eating Disorders (

WebMD Food Journal or use Food & Activity Journal 
MyPlate Internet Assignment
Eating Disorders Scenario Worksheet
Thin Documentary Discussion Questions

Lab Guidelines
Breakfast Burrito- Part of Breakfast
Reduced Fat Muffins-See Quick Breads PPT

Lab Guidelines
MyPlate Wrap

Exam Review Topics:
MyPlate (Components of plate, slogans, basic concepts of program)
Eating Disorders (3 main types, signs/symptoms, resources for help)
Importance of Breakfast/Components

Unit 7: Becoming an Informed Consumer
Smart Consumer Tips
 ** Meal Planning Infographic

Crazy About Coupons worksheet
    ** Organic Foods Article (Mayo Clinic)
    ** Organic Beverages Pouring in by the Gallon (Food Processing)
Food Inc. Questions & Critique

Lab Guidelines
Super Ron's Specials Cook-Off
  ** Super Ron's Weekly Ad Link

Other Useful Recipes:
Butterscotch Gingerbread Cookies- Full Recipe
Chicken Fried Rice (Weight Watchers Version)
  ** Slides to accompany Chicken Fried Rice 
Orange Ginger Rice
Baked Chicken Nuggets (Lab plan version)
Asian-Style Beef Potstickers
Pumpkin Pie Dip

Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs & Powdered Sugar Icing

Helpful Websites:
Mrs. Moehr's YouTube Channel

Health & Nutrition Links Plan) (General Info)
FindTheBest Nutrition Comparison 

Sugar Stacks
MSNBC "Just Eat It" (Airs April 22, 2015)

Charity and Education Programs  (For every answer you get correct, 10 grains of rice are donated to the World Hunger Program)


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