Hr 500 Plus Scanner Case Study

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Well, I finally was able to use this scanner and I like it. It's older, it's big, not entirely intuitive to use, and it's more than a bit finnicky, but when it works, it works very well. It has gates for everything from 35mm to 6x9, including split 70mm, with special attachments for continuous film and slide carosels. With the defaut settings a 35mm frame is about 6 MP, although you can get a 22 MP scan at maximum. Now if only my pictures were worthy of it ....
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I paid nothing, thankfully, because as far as I can tell used ones start around $3,000 without all the various gates and accessories. This particular one was donated to the university lab where I work a few years ago. It went unused for a long time. I knew only person who used it and she was disappointed with her results, but I started thinking about trying it when researching scanners. I'm glad I read the manual because, as I said, it's a bit finnicky, but I got excellent scans.

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That looks like quite a serious machine. May I ask what you paid for it?
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Hey Buffy,

Are you interested in selling the scanner at all. I may be interested in acquiring it if you are, let me know, thanks!

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Hey Everyone,

If you need any info about HR500 Scanners, here is a link I found to the experts on these machines.

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