Corruption Free India Dream Or Reality Essay

To live in Corruption Free India is a dream of every Indian. Isn’t it? Therefore, it’s such a glaring issue for our country that it becomes a centre of discussion for almost everyone – whether it’s our political leaders, news media, students or public for that matter. Keeping this in mind, we have covered here some Speech on Corruption Free India too so that students or people who have to cover a speech on Corruption for any possible reason can be benefitted out of it. Both short speech on Corruption Free India and long speech on Corruption Free India have been covered by us keeping in mind different contexts under which we can place the topic called corruption. So do browse through the pages of our website and find relevant as well as useful material for your help.

Corruption Free India Speech

Speech on Corruption Free India 1

A Very Warm Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman!

Before I begin with my speech on ‘Corruption Free India’, please allow me to welcome you all to our seminar hall. I also want to congratulate everyone for the successful completion of our previous gatherings where we not only engaged in serious discussions, but our NGO committee also decided on certain measures and tried really well to work towards the betterment of our society. This is our 21st gathering for discussing yet another pertinent issue that rake havoc in our society and country at large.

Now as your host for today, I, Rajeev Khanna, owe the responsibility to deliver a speech on ‘Corruption Free India’ so that today’s discussion can be initiated thereafter. Honestly speaking, I have no shame in admitting that when we talk about our nation India and the kind of serious issues it is grappling with, one cannot fail to mention Corruption, which is clearly so rampant here. As a citizen of our country, our lives surely cannot remain untouched of this issue. I am sure you all will agree to the fact that no matter where we go, particularly any public sector whether it’s an educational institution or any administrative department corruption always follows. Our no query or problem would be resolved without loading the pocket of a public official. In fact, the hypocrisy or double standards of our government officials have been exposed time and again by various journalists.

Moreover, if you approach any educational institute, private institutions in particular for admission, it will not be possible until and unless you bribe the department head with a hefty amount. It is so unfortunate that it’s only the middle class or poor class who face the brunt and instead of rising high in the ladder of society they end becoming a victim of social ills and it’s the affluent classes that go unscathed. This is primarily the reason why the gulf between rich and poor becomes impossible to traverse and rich continue to become richer and poor continue to become poorer. This is the sad reality of our nation as despite many initiatives being taken by the government as well as NGOs, it gets tougher with the ever passing time to uproot social evils from our motherland.

However, having said that we cannot give up on our dream of corruption free India and hence we should work relentlessly towards making our country a better place to live in. The major onus of feeing India from all it social evils lies on the shoulder of our youth who are the torchbearer of our nation. If our youth will be taught good values and encourage holistic growth of their personalities then certainly we can take our nation’s growth many notches higher. Secondly, it is very important to raise the status of the marginalized section of our society and give them equal opportunity to grow in terms of education as well as job opportunities, then it will not only be possible to eradicate poverty from our nation, but also to accelerate its all-round development.

Now, I would request all the members to share their thoughts on the same and suggest some concrete measures which can be taken to combat corruption.

Thank You!

Speech on Corruption Free India 2

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Committee Members, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends!

I welcome everyone to our school auditorium and want to extend my special thanks to our respected principal, vice principal and all our teachers for making this event possible and gracing the occasion with their presence.

Dear Fellow Students, I, Monika Saha – the head girl of our school, have taken this wonderful opportunity on the eve of Independence Day to talk about the most pertinent issue that our country is grappling with, i.e. Corruption and how we can fight this issue so that a firm foundation for Corruption Free India can be laid down.

I am not here to give you a dark, bleak picture of our motherland, but we also cannot turn a blind eye towards the social evils of our society of which corruption forms an indispensable part. It is true that we live on a multi-cultural land where people from different religion live together and rejoice in each other’s festivities and celebrations. We as a nation are culturally and historically rich having great artifacts and monuments for the world to look at with amazement and wonder. But of course, we cannot fail to lament at the sad political and economic state of our country where corruption has adversely impacted its economy and hence the credibility of our local, state as well as central government organizations. Clearly, corruption not only has prevented the economy of our country from achieving new heights, but its pervasiveness has stunted India’s growth policies and measures.

Do we even realize how and in what forms corruption makes an inroad in our lives where we end up becoming either a victim or a facilitator of corrupt activities? The chief causes of corruption in India consist of the unwarranted regulations, the want of transparent processes and laws, intricate tax and licensing systems, various public departments functioning with opaque discretionary and bureaucratic powers as well as the hegemony of government controlled agencies on the delivery of goods and services. There are striking disparities in the corruption level and in the efforts of the government to curb the severity of corruption across the nation-state.

In fact, in our day to day lives, we come across many facets of corruption. For instance, if we are seeking admission in a good school or any renowned institution, it cannot happen till the time we bribe the administrative officials or the working staff. Or else, if we are eligible to work as a public officer, we cannot get the entry, despite coming in the merit list, unless we give the officials their desired amount.

However, there are many anti-corruption acts being passed by the government to address this situation, such as Right to Information Act; Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002; Prosecution Section of Income Tax Act, 1961; Indian Penal Code, 1860, etc. It depends on the government officials and of course the people of our country how they act upon these preventive measures and immediately report to the police or the concerned authority of any unlawful activity that takes place right under our nose.

There is no second thought on the fact that if we as a nation can work together to uproot corruption from our land or even reduce it to the levels of such flourishing economies as UK or Singapore for that matter, then that day will not be far behind when we could witness India’s GDP growth increasing at a fast pace like never before.

Thank You!

Speech on Corruption Free India 3

Warm Greetings to our hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Dear Colleagues and My Dear Students!

Today in the assembly hall, I, your Social Science Teacher have been asked to deliver a speech on Corruption Free India for all the students so that each and every child can take the onus of eradicating corruption from our society on his/her shoulder and make this place a better place to live in.

Corruption is undeniably one of the most menacing evils deeply entrenched in our society ever since India gained its independence and it is weakening the economic base of our country. At every level of Indian administration, unfortunately corruption has taken a heavy toll and is wearing down the structure of our economy. Whether it’s a public or private sector, Indian people are prone to misusing their position or power so as to fulfill their unwarranted desires and make a fortune out of it. However, little do they realize that they are causing a serious harm to our nation and its growth because such people are increasing in numbers day by day and are eating the wealth of our nation like a moth.

Building a corruption free India is certainly not easy, but it’s neither impossible too. Firstly, it is important to identify the gaps and loopholes in our administration and examine the causes behind those loopholes and try to fill those loopholes by imposing strict checks and measures at every level. If preventive measures are not taken on time, then the machinery of our nation-state would one day come crashing down completely.

Corruption not only deeply impacts the potential of a nation, but also augments the poverty level and worsens the labor resource quality. In order for our country to achieve its dream of corruption free India, it will have to form its policies on a firm moral ground where there should be a zero tolerance level for corrupt activities and an absolute ‘No’ to giving or taking bribes. Even though right from the time when we bribe the school officials in order to send our kids to school marks the beginning of our corrupt activities and slowly and gradually it gains massive proportions. Ask yourself how many times you have bribed any public official to make your way through and you’ll realize to what extend the situation has become so menacing for a lay man to live comfortably in our society.

Under such a compelling situation, I seriously exhort everybody present here to not sit back and relax as contribution of every person counts towards building a corruption free India and laying the foundation for a better tomorrow for our next generation. India, I feel, has a strong potential for getting rid of corruption if everyone works in unison, pledges not to take or give bribe and also undertake some serious measures to uproot corruption from our society.

Luckily, we live in 21st century where we have requisite knowledge and proven means to deal with the present scenario. Besides, we are also constantly supported by both technology and media to spread awareness and messages amongst the millions of population within no time. So unleash its power and work towards it because if you aren’t affected today, you’ll be affected in the days to come.

Thank You!


Speech on Corruption Free India 4

Good evening and I warmly welcome all the society members to our weekly gathering!

As we are seeing so many untoward news making rounds these days, I, as a secretary of our society considered it appropriate to host a small program so that I could deliver a speech on Corruption Free India, which I am sure a vision of almost each and every conscientious citizen of India.

India is undoubtedly one of the attractive places on this earth, whose natural and cultural wealth is a great centre of attraction for many. However, the greatness and goodwill of our nation is spoilt by the corrupt activities which go on unabashedly. Almost in every working division, we come across corrupt activities holding a sway over people’s lives as it allows them to make a fortune in no time making them insensitive towards the sad plight of other people.

Money have ruled over men and it has now come to a level where if a common man needs any sort of help from the ruling party, then he/she will have to resort to corrupt means to get his/her work done.

Even though a lot has been said about morals, values and principles, but behind the closed doors it is only money that dictates everything. If anyone desires to get some work done, then one should learn to take the back door and please the public officials by warming their pockets. There is no dearth of such politicians and bureaucrats who easily get influenced by money and spoil the whole working of their division. Therefore, in such places the work efficiency gets so hampered that it destabilizes the country’s economy and our GDP suffers a steep fall.

Corruption begins from the top most level and gets carried down to the bottom. Right from the senior official to the junior-level working executives and even to the clerks, there develops a complete chain of corrupt people and it becomes difficult for a common man to bypass it and voice his/her concern for an immediate action. To our dismay, the situation has aggravated to an extent where there are no severe laws to keep a check on morally pervert people. The common man is constantly being exploited by such people in power as he doesn’t have enough means to fight back corruption and hence his existence becomes quite miserable.

Having said that, I still feel that all this can be curbed and brought to an end if and only if every Indian citizen do not choose to run away from his/her conscience and vows to build corruption free India on the sound, moral principles and ethical values for which India was known since ages.

Nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves and work with all our strength towards realizing that goal – whether it’s our personal objectives or making India a peaceful haven to live in and rejoice.

Now, please allow me to end my speech here and I would request others to join me on stage and say a few words in this context.

Thank You!

India faces the problem of corruption at various levels. This problem is eating our country internally. It is time each one of us must realize the negative impact of corruption on our country and contribute our bit to make our country corruption free.

It is often said that Indian politicians are corrupt but that is not the only arena where corruption lies. Corruption lies in every sector and it is ruining our country. Here are essays of varying lengths on Corruption Free India to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any Corruption Free India essay of your choice:

Essay on Corruption Free India

Corruption Free India Essay 1 (200 words)

I dream of a corruption free India. A place where everyone works hard and gets what he deserves. A place that gives equal opportunity to everyone based on their knowledge and skills irrespective of their caste, colour, creed or religion. A place where people don’t use other people around to get accomplish their selfish motives.

But alas, India is far from this ideal place I imagine it to be. Everyone is so engrossed in earning money and enhancing their lifestyle that they don’t mind using corrupt ways to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. It is a common notion that those who work with honesty are unable to reach anywhere. They hardly get any promotion and continue to earn meagre salary. On the other hand, those who seek bribes and use unfair means to accomplish their tasks climb up the ladder of success and make a better living.

It needs to be understood that although using corrupt ways is an easy way to make money in most cases but it does not actually make you happy. You may do well monetarily using such ill-practices but will you ever get peace of mind? No! You may find temporary happiness but in the long run you will stay dissatisfied and unhappy.

If each one of us must take a pledge to leave corrupt practices. This way our life will become better and our country will become a much better place.

Corruption Free India Essay 2 (300 words)


India, a country that boasts of high values, morals and traditions, is ironically faced with the problem of corruption. It is one of the various evil practices our country is fighting with. The whole system of the country is based on corruption at different levels.

Government of India should Set an Example

The government and the political parties in India are known for their corrupt ways. Instead of indulging in corrupt practices, they should rather work upon overcoming the problem of corruption. They must set an example for the citizens and inspire them to work with honesty and dedication to reach their goals rather than by using corrupt means.

Selection of Political Parties and Ministers

In India anyone can stand for the elections and form a political party. The eligibility criterion does not include a person’s educational qualification. There are ministers who haven’t even attended school and have completely zero knowledge about the political system. There are also those who have a past criminal record. When the country is being governed by such people, corruption is bound to happen. A minimum educational qualification criterion must be set. Only those candidates who meet the educational criteria and have a clean record must be allowed to contest the elections. The candidates who win the elections must then be trained to handle various duties and responsibilities assigned to them. An educated and well-trained person can certainly run the country better.

There must be a set protocol for everything and the activities of the ministers must be monitored by a higher authority to see if it is being followed.


Though each one of us wants a corruption free India but no one is ready to contribute towards the cause. We are rather adding to it. In order to free our country from this evil practice we must stand united and be honest in our endeavors.

Corruption Free India Essay 3 (400 words)


Many countries around the world face the problem of corruption. India is one such country that is severely impacted by this problem. Corruption is the root cause of various other serious problems in our country.

Ways to Make India Corruption Free

We can fight corruption if we stand united and are determined to drive this evil away. Here are a few ways to rid the country of corruption:

Lack of education is one of the main reasons for the growing corruption. Many people belonging to the uneducated class use illegal and corrupt means to earn their livelihood. Spreading education can help in curbing this problem to a large extent. The government must make policies to ensure that every child in the country goes to school and secures education.

Strict laws must be made for people who indulge in corrupt practices such as taking and giving bribery, using illegal ways to expand their businesses, accumulating black money, etc. These people must be punished severely.

Media and government should join hands to conduct sting operations to uncover corrupt people in different sectors. Such sting operations will not only uncover the corrupt people but will also discourage others to indulge in such practices.

Each one of us must take it as a responsibility to follow the right course of getting things done rather than giving bribes to get them done speedily or to escape from fines.

  • Install Cameras and Recorders

Technology can also help in bringing down corruption. CCTV cameras must be installed in government offices, at red lights and other places where the cases of taking and giving bribes are high. Recorders can be installed at places where it is difficult to install cameras. People can also take initiative to record any corrupt practice going around them in their mobile and share it in their nearby police station.

People in India are scared of going to the police even for lodging a complaint against someone. They avoid going to the police station as there is a fear that they might get caught up in the nitty-gritty’s of the police inquiry and it may bring bad name to them. The procedures at the police station must be such that those who wish to help the police must not face any inconvenience.


There are many ways to free India from corruption. Only the willingness to implement these ways is required.

Corruption Free India Essay 4 (500 words)


The rate of corruption in India is quite high. Among other things, corruption impacts the growth and development of the country negatively. Most developing countries are facing this problem. What the government and individuals in these countries don’t understand is that corrupt practices may benefit them to some extent but it hampers the growth of the country as a whole and is ultimately bad for them.

Causes of Corruption in India

There are several reasons why corruption level is high in our country. Here is a brief look at these reasons:

  1. Lack of Job Opportunities

The jobs in the market are less compared to the number of qualified youths. While many youths these days roam around without any jobs, others take up jobs that are not at par with their qualification. The dissatisfaction amongst these individuals and their quest for earning more leads them to take up corrupt means.

  1. Lack of Strict Punishment

People in our country get away with corrupt practices such as giving and taking bribes, not paying the income tax, following corrupt means to run businesses, etc. There is no strict law to monitor the activities of people. Even if people get caught, they are not punished severely for it. This is the reason why corruption is high in the country.

  1. Lack of Education

A society filled with educated people is likely to face less corruption. When people are not educated, they use unfair and corrupt means to earn their livelihood. The lower classes in our country undermine the importance of education and this leads to increase in corruption.

  1. Greed and Growing Competition

Greed and growing competition in the market are also reasons for growing corruption. People these days have become extremely greedy. They want to earn more than their relatives and friends and in this mad rush they do not hesitate to employ corrupt means to realise their dreams.

  1. Lack of Initiative

Everyone wants the country to be free of corruption and criticizes the government for not doing anything in this direction. But are we trying to curb the issue at our levels? No, we are not. Knowingly or unknowingly we all are giving rise to corruption. Nobody is ready to take the initiative and work as a team to drive this evil away from the country.

Building a Corruption Free India

The causes of corruption are known to all. It is said that once the cause of a problem is identified half the task is done. It is now time to look for solutions rather than discussing the problem over and over again.

The government must take it as a responsibility to free India of corruption as our country cannot progress if this problem prevails. Each of the problems leading to corruption must be removed from its roots. For instance, lack of good employment opportunities that leads to corruption is caused due to the growing rate of population. The government must take strict measures to control the population of the country. Likewise, it must work on every aspect to build a corruption free India.


Our country can flourish and grow better if we get rid of the problem of corruption. So, let us all do whatever little we can to resolve this big issue.


Corruption Free India Essay 5 (600 words)


Corruption prevails in every sector and at every level in the country. Corrupt means and unfair ways are used to accomplish several big and small tasks by people belonging to the government as well as private sector. This is because people want to make big bucks without much hard work. But where are we heading by employing such ill practices? Certainly towards destruction! Each one of us must say no to any kind of corrupt practice. This would be the first step towards building a corruption free India.

Government’s Role in Establishing Corruption Free India

While individual efforts can work in the direction of freeing the country from corruption however if the problem is to be removed from its roots then government’s intervention is necessary. Indian government must make strict laws to get rid of this problem. People indulging in any kind of corrupt practices must be punished severely.

The government officials in the country are known for their laid back attitude towards work. They take bribe without any hesitation to provide various government services to people. There is no check on these mal-practices. Taking bribes and doing favours for people in power is a common trend in the government offices. This is not to say that every government official is corrupt. Some of them do their duties honestly. But the irony is that those who use fair means earn meagrely and those who use corrupt ways earn good and make a better living. Looking at the monetary benefits involved, even those who are reluctant to follow the corrupt means are drawn towards this path. The main reason for this is that there is no one to check or punish people indulging in these practices. If the government monitors the actions of these employees closely and punishes them then only these practices can come to an end.

Giving bribe is as bad as taking bribe. We cannot deny the fact that we have indulged in giving bribe or seen our parents or relatives giving the same at one point or the other. Offering money to the traffic police for crossing red light or giving money to get some form submitted after the due date is a common practice. Even though we know it is morally incorrect and that we will only add to the corruption by doing this, we still do it at times thinking that it would benefit us for the time being and would hardly have any larger impact. However, we would not indulge in it if we know that doing so could land us in trouble. If we know that we may be fined or our license may be seized or we may be put behind the bars for indulging in any such thing then we would not dare to indulge in it.

So, the government plays a very big role in it. It must take it as a responsibility to free the country from corruption.

Media’s Role in Establishing Corruption Free India

Media in our country is quite strong. It has the right to speak and express opinions. It should make full use of this right to expose the corrupt officials. The media must conduct sting operations regularly and bring in limelight the people who are indulging in corrupt practices. This will not only expose the guilty but will also create a fear in the general public. They will think twice before using any corrupt means.


It is the joint effort of the individuals, media as well as the government that can help in building corruption free India. They must take it as a responsibility to work hand in hand to make the country a better place to live.

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